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LikeCoin chain, FoTan Upgrade Overview

Table of Contents

We are upgrading LikeCoin to pave the future of Decentralized Publishing. Introducing FoTan, the first major LikeCoin chain upgrade. FoTan will enable Cosmos Stargate with IBC (cross-chain transactions), new feature ISCN (metadata registry), and much more.

Update: Mainnet Upgrade is scheduled on Wednesday, 18th Aug. Technical documents are now ready to view. Join the #validators channel.

LikeCoin to pave the future of Decentralized Publishing

The LikeCoin chain has been live for more than one year now with 50 active validators onboard, over 21,000 addresses, and more than 1,186,000 transactions happening on-chain. Thanks to all validators, who have been busy growing their server operations and participate in the chain governance. Over 770mil LIKE (74.32% of total supply LIKE) has been staked and delegated by likers and validators, equating to $13M TVL. It is a testament to the LikeCoin community and participation in the network. And this is just the beginning.

LikeCoin has a special market position in the blockchain space as we are serving one of the unique landscapes and missions. Decentralized Publishing. FoTan is a vital upgrade where it will be the backbone to bring decentralized publishing to live with our major feature ISCN — a metadata registry.

What’s included in FoTan?

We shall incorporate Stargate, the most significant Cosmos upgrade yet. Stargate will enable higher transaction throughput, cross-chain transactions, tools to accelerate UI development, and so much more. The launch of the new feature ISCN, the metadata registry for LikeCoin, furthers its development as a Decentralized Publishing infrastructure.

  1. ISCN module — metadata registry. A new feature of the LikeCoin chain.
  2. Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)– cross-chain transactions. The ability to exchange transactions of value and data across compatible chains
  3. Protobuf Migration — blockchain performance & dev acceleration. Accelerates front-end development and 10x to 100x better blockchain performance
  4. State Sync — minutes to sync new nodes. A new node can synchronize 200x faster, participating in consensus in minutes rather than days
  5. Chain Upgrade Module — upgrade automation. Enables validators to upgrade the chain software asynchronously in minutes rather than an hour or more
  6. Direct Democracy — allow individual LikeCoin stakeholders to raise proposals and vote

Who is impacted by FoTan?

Block explorers, wallets, exchanges, validators, or other media partners (eg. WordPress plugin) depend upon the LikeCoin chain and API. At the current stage, validators will first lead the effort in the FoTan upgrade. We shall in touch with other parties once FoTan is successfully launching. However, we do invite you to schedule time in late August for integration testing for FoTan.

Next Steps

Validators, we are inviting all validators to participate in the Testnet as a simulated upgrade. Join us for the Testnet upgrade to get used to this process.

Block explorers, wallets, exchanges, and we are getting in touch to schedule time in August for integration with the LikeCoin chain, Fo Tan.

Dapps, media platforms, other LikeCoin plugins, all LikeCoin related products, and API will also upgrade to FoTan.

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Read about the FoTan upgrade timeline and Testnet setup.

Road to chain upgrade – Fotan

LikeCoin Public Testnet Introduction

The Mainnet upgrade proposal for FoTan is valid! The Mainnet Upgrade is scheduled for Wednesday, 18th Aug.

LikeCoin chain, FoTan Upgrade Overview

We will have a real-time conference for preparing the LikeCoin chain Mainnet upgrade and discussing issues during the upgrade.

Date: Wednesday, August 18 ·
Time: 19:45–21:45 GMT+8
Call link:

Check the setup documents and visit the #validators channel for technical setup reminders.

See you on Wednesday!

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