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We’re hiring!

Table of Contents

Interested to work on a blockchain project? Excited about building a decentralized infrastructure that could change the media landscape? We’d like to invite you to be part of our technical team!

Full-Stack Developer

What do we do

LikeCoin is a public blockchain built based on Cosmos SDK. It is a decentralized publishing infrastructure that offers decentralized archives, rewards, curation, and governance to content creators and readers. LikeCoin has cultivated a vibrant user community with 79,413+ Likers, 286,277+ content by 10,924+ creators on 1200+ media. (as of Aug 2020)

We are currently working on the Republic of Liker Land, which built on top of LikeCoin’s blockchain technology, is a social network for readers and creators.

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Our Tech Stack

Frontend: JavaScript/TypeScript, Vue, React Native

Backend: JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js, Firebase SDK

Blockchain: Cosmos SDK, Tendermint

Infrastructure: GCP, Firebase, K8s, Redis, Elasticsearch, BigQuery, DataFlow

Collaboration: Slack, Notion

Job Duties

  • Develop web and mobile app to promote the use of LikeCoin ecosystem
  • Develop web and blockchain API and SDK for our developer community
  • Build a data pipeline for daily routines and analytics

Required Level of Work Experience:

  • Fresh graduates are welcome! (Please submit your transcript)
  • Experience with frontend and backend development
  • Familiar with JavaScript (TypeScript is a plus)
  • Experience with Node.js on developing API based web service
  • Know how to use Git (flow) is a plus
  • Experience with blockchain development is a plus
  • Experience with mobile app development is a plus
  • Knowledge of AWS/GCP is a plus
  • Knowledge of Docker/K8s is a plus
  • Knowledge on Elasticsearch/BigQuery/DataFlow is a plus


  • Flexible working hours and places.
  • Young team.
  • Flexible annual leave.
  • Opportunities to participate in local or oversea hackathon or conferences.
  • Unique growth opportunities. We expect you to be the next CTO.
  • Learn new things. As a startup in the blockchain space, it is exciting and fast-paced. But we all learn as a team and host weekly sharing internally to share knowledge.

Qualities we like

  • Develop easy to understand the application to any kind of users
  • Use technologies that get the job done
  • Continue to improve our code quality, workflow and automation level
  • Share knowledge with colleagues and public
  • Be open and contribute back to open source community
  • We work in an agile workflow
  • Self-motivated and eager to learn

Interested? Got questions?

Email us: [email protected]

Inbox us: