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#DePub 202109 | The unique ISCN card feature is now available on

Table of Contents

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LikeCoin chain: Testing Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)

IBC enabled and testing on public Testnet

We have included the IBC module in the previous FoTan chain upgrade, and it is currently under testing on the public Testnt before enabling it on Mainnet. With IBC, the LikeCoin chain will be able to connect to the Cosmos Hub and interoperate with other blockchains that are connected to it. Users can transfer various tokens directly from the LikeCoin chain to another IBC-connected chain without going through a centralized third-party platform.

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Product: Visualizing ISCN and Metadata

Get a unique ISCN card on and view it under “Your Publishing”. The ISCN artwork is generated by algorithm; therefore, each card is unique to represent the metadata and content registered on the LikeCoin chain. Tag and share your ISCN cards with us on Twitter or Facebook!

All ISCN transactions can also be viewed and check on the block explorer.

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#DePub 202109 | The unique ISCN card feature is now available on
Visit to get your ISCN card now.

LikeCoin Grantee: ISCN Dashboard

LikeCoin Grant is a funding program to support and encourage community development related to LikeCoin. The latest grantee project by catding is a ISCN Dashboard that helps users check and monitor ISCN records, such as the number of registrations per day and categories.

LikeCoin Grant will launch a new funding schema this month focusing on the content registration and archive via ISCN. If you are interested in publishing content to the blockchain, this schema is for you. Content-type can be related to public domain knowledge, historical archives, news photos, artwork or any other meaningful content. If you have an idea or questions, come share with us on Discord.

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