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LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.06.21

Table of Contents

LikeCoin documentation page is now up-to-date for the upcoming chain upgrade!

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2021.06.07)

LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.06.21
LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.06.21
LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.06.21


LikeCoin chain updates

  • Working on procedures and documents for upgrading from SheungWan to FoTan.
  • Testing scripts and Docker Compose setups.
  • An issue of our chain API endpoint randomly returning 502 was reported. We have applied configuration changes to mitigate the issue, and are looking into the root cause.



  • Fixed a bug that skipped email notification when using LIKE pay with fee.
  • Optimized LikeCoin button web crawler’s performance.

Liker Land app

  • Finished most of the UI updates related to Civic Liker Classic, the team will have an internal test regarding the feature.
  • Working on the new creator dashboard and get-app page.


  • Our change to the new tools is looking promising. UX/UI design is going smoothly.


  • Prepare the content data for initialization of ISCN database.
  • Discussed with Media partner to confirm the plan of ISCN demo.
  • Working with designer on #DePub key visual and identity.

This update is bought to you by the Liker Land team.

JoshKIU (UX Designer), Wei (Full Stack Developer), William (Full Stack Developer), David (Frontend Lead), Shelly (Liker Land, Full Stack Developer)
Edmond (Liker Land, Operation), Phoebe (Liker Land, Business Development)
Daisy (Community volunteer)

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