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LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.02

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Transactions of LikeCoin Surpassed ERC-20 Within 3 Months

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  • Chung, Michael, William, Tat, Edmond, Phoebe, Joshkiu, Aludirk, kin


  • Weekly updates
  • AOB

Chung (Blockchain Developer)

LikeCoin chain stats on 2020.03.02

(diff from last report on 2020.02.27)]

  • Number of Addresses: 7,503 (+119)
  • Number of Transactions: 113,145 (+3,241)
  • Number of Delegated Tokens: ~251,070,000 LIKE (+50,000)

(Data and chart are logged here)

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.02
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.02
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.02

Previous week

  • Research Cosmos IBC demo related code

This week

  • Continue reading Cosmos IBC demo related code
  • Start coding next version of LikeCoin chain, upgrading Cosmos SDK version at first

Michael (Developer)

Previous week

  • Fixed review on Civic Liker report API
  • Drafted Civic Liker report phase 2 API (to store all data in warm data storage)
  • Added more user information in Civic Liker log for internal analysis

This week

  • Update email version of Civic Liker report if app version is on production
  • Implement Civic Liker report phase 2

William Chong (Full Stack Developer)

Previous week

  • Released a update to WordPress plugin to support Liker ID in shortcode, mainly for the loop project
  • Finished discussing Gitcoin bounty #1, #2, already approved bounty, will make a new one about liker land app this week
  • Prepared OTF proposal and review
  • Meeting with Authcore/ngo/
  • Submitted proposal to hkoscon
  • Working on LikeCoin pay

This week

  • LikeCoin pay api + lib
  • Review UX issues
  • Will review other pending issues on browser extension, api, website payment page and user attribution issue

Ng Wing Tat (David) (Front End Developer)

Previous week

  • Finished follow settings on the app
  • Integrated Authcore settings on testnet
  • Conducted new AB test on Civic Liker entry page
  • Implemented the iOS share extension of the app
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.02

This week

  • Will resolve the issues of the share extension
  • Continue the integration Liquid Quick Exchange
  • Continue development of LIKE pay related feature on the ap

JoshKIU (UX Designer)

Previous week

  • Hosted meeting with Enyk, came up with several UX issues and improvement suggestion.
  • Made adjustment on /civic UI for another A/B test
  • Made concept design for quick exchange
  • Sort out requirements for upcoming Bookmark feature.

This week

  • Will follow up on sign in/up UX/UI issues
  • Will investigating the profile setting POC for any UX/UI problem before use
  • Will continue on the design of bookmark section
  • Will continue on the design development of quick exchange

Aludirk (System Architect)

Previous week

  • Draft ISCN spec and will first put the specification to GitHub iscn-specs and sync contents to
  • Send proposal to OSCon with title: Decentralized content registry: expanding IPFS functionality with cosmos based blockchain

This week

  • Work on ISCN specs, schema & IPLD

Edmond Yu (Operations)

Feb 2020 Monthly review

  • Active Likers: MAU 10113 (52.5% up when comparing with that in Jan). Two major incidents lead to the rise: Doctor Li’s pass-away on Feb 5 and the shutdown of Tencent’s blogger site on Feb 19.
  • Number of new Liker ID registration: Jan 4676, Feb 10,098, rise 116%
  • Number of Civic Liker: 1123, new registrations: 118, + 11.5% when comparing with Jan.
  • Conversion rate (from LikeCoin button pop up sign-up window to registration complete): Feb 8.99%, while Jan 1.71%., which has a significant rise mainly due to the improvement of the Authcore registration widget.
  • App Download:
    iOS 493 units (Jan 529 units), drop 6.8%
    Android 461 units (Jan 502 units) drop 7.9%
  • Facebook page: MAU 3702 users (Jan 1434), up 158%
  • Twitter 28 days summary as follow:
  • New users demographic
    Feb: Singapore 62.1%, Taiwan 17.25%, HK 15.11%
    Jan: Singapore 42.9%, Taiwan 31%, HK 18.2%
    Singapore users are most likely Mainland China via VPN services
  • Civic Liker Registration goal:
    55–65+ male users has the best conversion rate, but the market size is only 25% of the group 25–34 male group which is in the 3rd place. Surprisingly, the group 35–44 male performs the worst.


  • Civic Liker registration and app installation does not follow the growth of the top level conversion rate (Liker ID registration), should focus on drilling to deeper levels in Mar.
  • Keywords in Feb: “freedom of speech”

This week

  • Promotion Ad: try to customize a version for 25–34 male group. Based on the insights provided by GA, try to focus on the below interest groups:
  • Media & Entertainment/Music Lovers/Metalheads
  • Jobs & Education/Jobs/Job Listings/Health & Medical Jobs
  • Computers & Electronics/Software/Open Source
  • Autos & Vehicles/Vehicle Parts & Services/Vehicle Parts & Accessories
  • Arts & Entertainment/Performing Arts/Magic

Phoebe Poon (Business Development)

Previous week

  • Sent out 3rd newsletter
  • Liaison with Liquid to explore Quick Exchange Integration
  • Continue explore funding opportunities

高重建 | kin ko (Product Manager)

Previous week

  • Lobbying LikeCoin chain proposal #1
  • Liaison with Liquid to explore Quick Exchange feature
  • liaison with Lunie. Prelim.
  • Joined The Loop to support community project using LikeCoin protocol. One project was initiated —
  • Submitted application to Internet Freedom Fund
  • published “Radical Management III” to explain the rationale of LikeCoin style management —