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LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2019.12.16

Table of Contents

LikeCoin chain launched and Republic of Liker Land established.

@Chung (Blockchain Developer)

  • Number of LikeCoin wallets which have received LikeCoin (excluding wallets with 0 balance): 3,886
  • Total number of transactions on chain: 15,316
  • Migrated LikeCoin: 157,021,732.449 LIKE
  • Number of ERC-20 addresses still owning LikeCoin: 15,793
  • Delegated tokens: ~111,930,000 LIKE
  • Deployed Ethereum transaction poller fix to solve token migration stuck problem
  • Made PR to The Big Dipper block explorer to support Ledger firmware 1.6.0, but need more investigation to see compatibility on different platforms (OS, firmware, app version)
  • Had some investigation on P.A.N.I.C. (a Cosmos node monitor by Simply VC)
  • Cosmos community has released WASM module for smart contract, will take some time to see if it is useful to LikeCoin chain

@michaels (Developer)

  • Quick fixed the Civic Liker email report, to include Civic Liker data after applying new algorithm
  • Refactored error handling when sending data to Elasticsearch from Dataflow
  • Will refactor Dataflow related code for sending backup data to cold storage in BigQuery
  • Elasticsearch may downgrade machine type, but need to investigate performance

@William (Full Stack Developer)

  • Integrating Intercom SDK into mobile app for push notification
  • Updated Intercom and Google Analytics data format
  • Investigating Android Intercom push notification issue, cannot be solved for now (iOS should be working)
  • Updated register funnel analytics, found some user flow change which may break the funnel, will investigate this week

@David (Front End Developer)

  • Released Liker Land app v0.11.4
  • Rewriting and refactored the code of wallet part, which enables transfer with Liker ID and improves format of numbers
  • Released Liker Land app v0.11.5 on TestFlight with above changes
  • Updating outdated UI on
  • May need to have a meeting to discuss new Liker Land app features for January

@Edmond (Operations)

  • LikeCoin button registration funnel is still not ready
  • Liker Land Civic Liker conversion has an interesting trend: in the last 4 weeks, top level funnel drops from 17.5% to 11.2%; but registration complete rate rised from 1.14% to 1.78%.

App downloads:

  • Last 7 days: iOS 229, Android 184
  • Since launched: iOS 611, Android 453
  • App download momentum decreasing, need more data to see if it is normal fluctuation or not
  • Want to push more App downloads for Christmas holiday

Other indices

  • Liker with new wallet (on Intercom): 825
  • Number of LikeCoin button daily active users: around 250,000. Stable
  • Number of Civic Liker: 943

LikeCoin button new registration: kept at the low level

  • Authcore registration problem via Facebook app may be the key reason
  • Authcore team said that there will be a fix today (Monday), but seems they need more time

Active daily active Liker: drop to a new low point of 697

  • Got serious complaint via phone, the customer said that he want to cancel the Civic Liker subscription as the login UX drove him mad

Joined the event last Saturday

  • Gave a presentation
  • Around a dozen people joint, not quite effective
  • Discussed a bit with HKCnews Daisy, Standnews Patrick and Inmedia Damon
  • Has helped Standnews to complete their LikeCoin migration

Coming week:

  • Story telling, Airdrop to Civic Liker campaign (first round)
  • Need to fix UX first, which depends on Authcore related issues
  • Plan to airdrop to Civic Liker who installed the app and binded at least one social account
  • Not for new user in December

@Phoebe (Business Development)

  • Prepared coin listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  • New listing for LikeCoin chain, separated from ERC-20 LikeCoin
  • Yet to confirm details with our developers
  • Proceed with liquid quick exchange listing
  • maintain LikeCoin-ERC20 trading pairs
  • Kicked off BitAsset‘s buy LikeCoin campaign
  • Confirmed community service with the Direction Association For The Handicapped on 3rd January. Proceed to recruit community volunteer this week. Welcome anyone to sign up.
  • Kicked off discussion with Matters on Google News Initiative Funding. Aim to have a team presentation by the end of December
  • Prepare a16z Crypto Startup School application, will submit team application. Chance is slim but is a good practice anyhow.
  • Gather revamp requirements and need to prioritize the process on this
  • Attended our sponsored event the past weekend and met several community members

@Joshkiu (UX Designer)

  • Made some UI improvement included Liker Land app (provide undelegating amount), and
  • Made sereval quick artwork (on Facebook) for post listing and promotion
  • Brainstorming on rewards report revamp
  • Prepare a16z Crypto Startup School application
  • Will carry on with promotion artwork and further development on the rewards report revamp idea

@阿魯德克 (System Architect)

  • Read IPFS & IPLD spec, understood core of IPFS and IPLD, may host a sharing session later
  • Making and testing an IPLD storage plugin
  • Reviewed data pipeline architecture with @michaels , will continue this week
  • Investigating connection problem on Dataflow
  • Designing LIKE distribution mechanism, will meet Tom (Chief Economist) and discuss more

@ckxpress (Product Manager)

Attended 2 events, both regarding fact check

  • One organized by Matters (as an audience) and one organized by Culture & Media Education Foundation as speaker
  • Around 100 audiences, feedback is satisfactory
  • Explored with g0vhk re joining their next hackathon
  • Potentially submitting more than one projects to use LikeCoin chain as backbone
  • continued to meet with Early Believers to assist their LikeCoin migration and update project status
  • Discussed with Tom (Chief Economist) and agreed that the ecosystem should allow more validators and floating of commission within a range
  • Shall follow up with validators
  • Product design discussion and coordination with Matters

# minutes by @Chung