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DePub #202012: Civic Liker 2.0 is here to provide better monetization tools to creators

Table of Contents

Also in this issue: LikeCoin chain FoTan development update; a new home on Discord.

Civic Liker 2.0 is launched!

Civic Liker movement 2.0 offers a new set of subscription tools for creators. Creators can now receive the monthly subscription amount from their fans in full and build a fan base right on their own platform. Supported platforms include WordPress-powered blogs, Medium, Matters, Vocus, Timelog, and many any websites allowing js codes.

To go along with the new subscription mechanism, Liker Land also provides a dedicated portfolio page for each content creator. Do check out the new look!

DePub #202012: Civic Liker 2.0 is here to provide better monetization tools to creators
Creator portfolio page
DePub #202012: Civic Liker 2.0 is here to provide better monetization tools to creators
Subscription page

On Product Development

Cosmos x IPFS Plugin

We are working on an IPFS plugin that allows chain data from Cosmos SDK modules to be accessed through the IPFS network. The ISCN module will be the first use case of this plugin, which will be released as a separate repository so that all Cosmos SDK developers can utilize our plugin to connect their blockchain modules to the IPFS network.

LikeCoin chain FoTan expected to come along with Cosmos Stargate

The next version of the LikeCoin chain, FoTan, is under active development. We have been actively following the code changes of Cosmos Hub Stargate upgrade, and are preparing for a FoTan mainnet ready version to be released soon after Cosmos Stargate.

LikeCoin FoTan will bring the long-awaited ISCN module, which allows creators to register content metadata and publish their content on blockchain. Fotan will also incorporate most features brought by the major upgrade of Cosmos SDK, such as efficiency gain up to 100x, much faster full node sync, and faster upgrade.

On Community and Governance

New Discord channel to discuss LikeCoin chain governance

We are excited to see that the community driving the chain governance proposal discussion lately. If you would like to meet various validators or participate in a more in-depth community discussion, join the Discord channel.

Shout out to the validators leafwind & guanyun for leading the effort to maintain the Discord server!

Semi-monthly report and monthly newsletter

To avoid information overflow to our community, we have changed our weekly update to a semi-monthly update.

You are also encouraged to sign up for our monthly newsletter by following us on Medium or subscribe via Substack. We will make sure to deliver a copy to your inbox.

Tell us what you would like to know…

We have a small team and haven’t been able to catch up in all community discussions. So if you have any concerns, questions, or feedback that you would like us to know, feel free to fill out this form. Open all year round.

Last but not least… wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

If you’d like to send us a Christmas gift and support our open-source effort, do sponsor us right at Liker Land. 🙂

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