Table of Contents

LikeCoin Community Call #202105 Minutes

Table of Contents

LikeCoin chain bypassed one million transactions!

Date & Time

  • 2021.05.03 (Mon) 1030–1100 GMT / 1820–1900 (GMT +8)

1. Liker Land team update

LikeCoin Community Call #202105 Minutes
  • Hit a small milestone of transaction bypass one million a week ago.
  • The latest proposal opens up more validator seats to 50 and the active validators growing from 20-ish to 31, which is just one week after the proposal passed. A gradual increment in validators joining us.
  • The LikeCoin chain staking ratio is also reaching the target which is 75% right now, it is the percentage that LikeCoin should keep referring to Cosmos.

2. LikeCoin chain update

  • Chung (2′:53″) Current status on LikeCoin chain update:
  • In the previous two week he was mainly working on the test cases for the code of the ISCN module which he has been working on. He basically finished the test case for the ISCN module and found out a few bugs and fixed them. He is working on local tests for emulating a multi-node scenario for upgrading from Sheung Wan to Foton. A document will be tidy up this week on the procedure for both the migration from Sheung Wan to FoTan and also testing the new upgrade module which is important for future upgrades. After that an internal testing will be conducted among the team members to set up nodes and see if the documents and procedures are understable. Public testnet will be announced for current validators or any other person that is interested to join Liker Land.
  • Phoebe (4′:44″) In May there will be a procedure for validators to take a look and how they should prepare upgrading their chain node from Sheung Wan to FoTan. The ISCN related to the upgrade which is the major feature that will be available in the upgrade, so in preparing other than the technical update.
  • Content related partners were being contacted and explained to why a decentralized as well as how it could be related to the NFT topics recently.
  • Wei did some research on how Cosmos is adopting and drafting the NFT standard, some of his research will be published on Medium later on for those who are interested. Journalists and news media are contacted by Phoebe and Edmond, news images are collected for releasing the first use case and demonstrate the usage of ISCN. It is quite similar to what New York Times and Adobe are doing, they have an organization called CAI and worked on a similar project called the Project Starling to document some of the news images and using blockchain as well so that will be something similar to demonstrate ISCN. This is the pre-launch promotion in the plan.
  • Keplr wallet integration was from the last meeting and shortly in one month the work has been completed and there are several community members already hosting that Keplr wallet link. If anyone want to try on the Keplr wallet to manage their LikeCoin, it is already available now.

3. LikeCoin Grants Program

  • jiahe (7′:40″) jiahe is the project coordinator of the new LikeCoin Grant program. The idea of setting up a Dev program within the LikeCoin was initially brought up on Discord publicly and privately among him and a few active validators. The ideas were proposed to both the LikeCoin Foundation and Matters team which are the two biggest holders on LikeCoin and they both gave very positive feedback and are more than willing to contribute 10 million LIKE each as a seed fund for the program.
  • From May 2 the program platform was launched on GitHub. The program was co-initiated by LikeCoin foundation and Matters and it’s a token funding program. it is to actively engage our social culture on all sorts of contributors, not only software engineers in the community and the aim is to build tools, products, events or businesses that add great value towards a more comprehensive ecosystem for Liker Land.
  • There are 3 categories: Application, Infrastructure and Promotions. Promotions should include but not limited to online or offline events actions content creation projects of any form or media that help to promote LikeCoin and to the general public or similar to events actions projects that enhance the connectivity or to consolidate the concern consensus within the community including the Likers and creators. Not only for software engineers, very active writers or people who are passionate about the development of LikeCoin can submit a proposal for review, therefore the program is called LikeCoin Grants Program not Dev Grants Program.
  • Funding caps: For application or infrastructure projects the program is equipped to give the grants to up to 2 millions LIKE. For Promotions proposal is up to 600,000 LIKE.
  • Eligibility: The applicant should have a LikeCoin wallet as well as a Matters user account. All projects are strongly preferred to be open source by default so if there is any reason for the project not to be open source, it has to be clearly specified in the proposal. All applicants either in person or in a team must be self-managed, the program basically offers the grant money and necessary consultancy probably through the LikeCoin Discord community. Any active participants on Discord within the LikeCoin community are the consultants of other potential consultants of the projects. Questions or discussion could be raised online.
  • Review process: Starting from May 2021, the goal is to use up all the seed money in the following 12 months, the program will open for application continuously but in every two months the applications will be grouped as in a run but it’s only for the convenience of operation. Application is only valid after fully completing the steps indicated in the document. The proposal will be reviewed on a rolling basis which is, the committee may decide to accept or reject the application as well as suggestion on proposal revision before each run ends. There may be more than one committee meeting in a single round, it depends on how many proposals received. In the same run of proposals including the revised version is qualified for to be reviewed two times the most. For further revisions, the review will be held up to the next round. Under normal circumstances all the applicants upcomings will receive a final decision or status notification from the committee in the program not later than 10 days after the closing date of each round.
  • Submit a proposal: Check out the template file both in English and in Chinese in the GitHub proposal repo, submit the PR and make sure all the categories are filled in either in English or in Chinese, and remember to rename your file with the project title. The next step is to go to Matters and publish a post, containing a decent summary of the proposal and include the link of the GitHub submission. Make sure the Matters ID is linked to the same LikeCoin wallet or Liker ID for receiving the grant. Lastly is to send an email to [email protected] with the subject title like grant’s proposal and the subject title and within the mail has to indicate the Liker ID and the link of the GitHub submission and the link of the Matters post. Then wait for the confirmation email from the program.
  • If the application is accepted, the committee will contact the applicants for any follow-ups such as to confirm the grant period and the funding milestones, etc. The grant is designed to be delivered in installments, the installment is determined in terms of conditions proposed by the program through the discussion with the grantee. When the grant period is close to an end, the grantee is obliged to give the outcome demonstration or presentation through the demo-day-like event or similar arrangement online hosted by the program. Before the last installment of the grant is made, the grantee is obliged to turn in a simple financial requirement indicating how the grant has been actually used based on the budget proposed.
  • Bonus grant: It is for outstanding projects, the purpose is to encourage the grantees to use the project actively properly and sufficiently as well as to pursue the best achievement of the project. The program is equipped with a simple review mechanism from bonus grants. Before each grant period ends, the committee will evaluate the results of the projects and based on the evaluation the program holds the right to give a bonus ranging from one to ten percent of the original grant money.
  • Contact details can be found on the LikeCoin grant document or contact via LikeCoin Discord.

4. AOB

  • YY Lee (22′:37″) Some of his team members in Canada are looking for collaborations. In the Liker Land and the LikeCoin community there’s still a lot of instructions or the user interface is not fully English. Will see how his team can contribute or speed up this. e.g. In the signup and registration and the Civic Liker, the interfaces, some of them will cause confusion to the English users therefore their team would like to help. Will discuss more on Discord.
  • Edmond (26:08) Showcase of ISCN: Building the first showcase to demonstrate how ISCN can be used for content registration. Contacted a few civic media. Some of them are partners and some are newly approached for building the demo. There is a lot of preparation work to organize the metadata of the photo. A photo exhibition online, a website and with all the press photos listed and the ISCN badge can be founded around the corner of the photo, click into it and see the metadata on the blockchain.
  • The team assisted a photo journalist to sell his NFT on Opensea and bid on the photos are welcomed. Around 4 days left and the title of the photo is “Our Lion Rock” and can be searched easily on Opensea and thenewsletter was sent out earlier in the afternoon.
  • Bonnie Cheung (29′:28″) Setting up a validator node with some help from Oursky. She introduced her backgrounds and experiences.
  • Jiahe on chatbox (32:24) Is there a plan to launch similar auctions/sales in LIKE in the future? Though I assume this highly likely require to build a marketplace for themselves.

Next community call

  • LikeCoin community call is scheduled on the first Monday every month
  • The next meeting will be held on 2021.06.07 (Mon) at GMT +8, 1820 in