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LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.08.02

Table of Contents

Public testnet upgraded to fotan-1 software successfully on 28 July. The ISCN Dapp MVP coming to shape.

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2021.07.19)

Block Explorer:

LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.08.02
LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.08.02
LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.08.02

🔧 Engineering Update

LikeCoin chain updates (The Metadata Registry)

  • Fixed ISCN and chain API related issues during internal test.
  • Started building UI

Civic Liker (Creator Subscription Plan)

  • Civic Liker classic is released, most legacy Civic Liker is automatically upgraded to classic. Now you can subscribe to creators of your choices and support good content with LikeCoin button at the same time. Announcement has been published on official blog.
  • We are preparing our services for FoTan upgrade. Civic Liker related transactions would be temporarily unavailable during the main net chain upgrade to FoTan, and will be resume automatically after the upgrade is done.


This update is bought to you by the Liker Land team.

Edmond (COO), Joshua (Design Lead), William (CTO), Chung (Blockchain Developer), Wei (Full Stack Developer), Shelly (Full Stack Developer), David (Frontend Lead), Aurora (Frontend Developer), Daisy (Community volunteer)

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