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LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.10.19

Table of Contents

Proposal #5 raised to increase inflation. 18th & 19th validator on board.

Edmond (Operations & Marketing)

Statistics‌ and Insights

  • New app download: 223(-26.4%), app WAU: 857 (-14.4%), Likers who liked in app: 91(+18.2%), number of Content Jockeys: 237(+7%)
  • Civic Liker total: 1823; 10 new registration last week.

Last week

  • Published an article for discussing proposal #5
  • Did further research and discussed the details of new Civic Liker plan execution, mainly referring to Patreon’s market position and design
  • Retention email for expired year-plan users has been sent, no response so far. Facebook ad targeting these users should works better, but the audience list is too short so that FB cannot deliver the ad efficiently. Exploring other ways.
  • Social media (executed by community helper Daisy): Facebook engagement rate 6% and reach was 449. Recruiting developer post engagement rate 10% was the best of this month.

This week

  • New Google Ad
  • Civic Liker retention
  • Research for potential partners for new Civic Liker scheme
  • Plan for new promotion post for Civic Likers with vendor
  • Article for “Save to Liker Land” feature
  • Review Social Media strategy

Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2020.10.12)

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.10.19
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.10.19
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.10.19

Last week

This week‌

  • Continue LikeCoin chain code migration

William (Full Stack Developer)‌

Last week

  • Research on Stripe and SES usage on Civic Liker new features
  • Fixed LikeCoin button OG and oembed endpoint issue
  • Fixed some behaviour issue of LikeCoin button javascript SDK reported by user
  • Fixed some bugs found in Liker Land app introduction content issue

This week

  • Start working on new Civic Liker PoC
  • Debug stackdriver alert and Super Like sequence stuck issue happened in weekend

​​​David Ng (Frontend Developer)‌

Last Week

  • Released Liker Land app v0.20.0 includes bookmark archives, new profile settings, share extension UX improvement, and Super Like short link deep link support
  • Began the development of the user portfolio page in

This Week

  • Update Authcore module for the app
  • Complete content card and minimal UI of the user portfolio page

JoshKIU (UX Designer)

Last week

  • Completed the portfolio design
  • Completed the ad for Civic Liker renew
  • Brainstormed on Civic Liker 2.0 and broke down several action item

This week‌

  • Will design wireframe for Civic Liker subscription

Phoebe (Community & Business Development)‌

  • Drafted Q4 ICF Grant application

‌ckxpress (Civic Liker)

On Governance

On evangelism and others